SmartHub IX

Etisalat to Launch SmartHub IX Connecting the Region to Global Content

Dubai -UAE: 3 March, 2013

Etisalat today announced the launch of SmartHub IX, a regional internet exchange and IP transit facility enabling regional and global Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to access global internet content. 

SmartHub IX will connect multiple diverse regional and international networks to other IX’s across the globe, mainly Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Singapore, New York and Los Angeles. In the Middle East, Etisalat’s SmartHub is the largest regional content hub, hosting and providing regional connectivity for Yahoo!, Microsoft, Blackberry, Akamai, CDNNetworks as well as the region’s most watched video streaming services. 

The latest announcement complements the introduction of SmartHub IPX, the global standard for mobile operator peering based on GSMA standards. 

Ali Amiri, Executive Vice President, Carrier & Wholesale Services, Etisalat, said: “Etisalat’s SmartHub is the largest regional center for internet content providers, IP Transit services and international capacity, adding a peering exchange will further enhance UAE’s position as a regional communications and content hub. SmartHub IX will enable Cloud, video and ecommerce providers to get closer to their customers in the region. 

“Content providers want reliable, easy and cost effective access to network operators who want easy access to content. The launch of SmartHub IX has addressed this need among providers and is a natural evolution in the SmartHub journey.  Etisalat is the first in the region to offer IPTransit through Emix, UAE’s internet exchange, the region’s most important IP Transit facility. SmartHub IX will further enable the region’s largest ISP’s to reach out to global markets as well as them connecting to the region.” 

About SmartHub

Etisalat’s SmartHub is the largest capacity, content, internet and data hub in the Middle East. SmartHub provides regional access for global service providers and global access to the region. SmartHub includes the Middle East’s first IPX for mobile operators and includes the region’s largest portfolio of internet content. SmartHub IX (Internet Exchange) will extend the reach of SmartHub content services to the region. Connectivity to SmartHub is provided through a robust and diverse infrastructure of both regional and intercontinental cable systems combined with world class hosting facilities in the SmartHub data center  managed by Etisalat’s Carrier & Wholesale Services.