SmartHub IX

AMS-IX partners with Etisalat to enable access to Amsterdam internet exchange

Dubai -UAE: 6 March, 2013

AMS-IX has partnered with Etisalat to provide the operator’s Smarthub IX customers with access to the Amsterdam internet exchange. The deal further extends to allow AMS-IX users to extend their capacity across the Middle East and Africa through its partnership with the UAE-based operator. Utilising the Smarthub IX platform, AMS-IX will now gain access to over 550 connected IP networks, according to Etisalat, and allows both companies to further integrate through peering, including increasing network reach, traffic and routes.

AMS-IX CEO, Job Witteman, said the agreement enhances its ability as an international and diverse internet community. “The regional internet hub has an extensive international network across different countries within the Middle East, Africa and Asia.”

Announced at Capacity Middle East 2013, the partnership reiterates the increasing need for more international partnership agreements in the wholesale space.

Ali Amiri, executive vice president of Etisalat carrier and wholesale services, added: “The world is about partnerships that increase value to customers,” he said. “We are delighted to work with AMS-IX to increase the reach and capabilities of the Smarthub. The partnership with AMS-IX along with the launch of Smarthub IX will extend the reach of our customers to the world and the world to the region.”